Working On The Remote West Coast of New Zealand

You may have heard of the two major glaciers in New Zealand. The Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers are located on the West Coast of the South Island and both spots are thriving little places for an influx of tourists over the summer months.

Franz Josef is a small township of around 400 people and has a number of bars, cafes, restaurants and accommodation facilities. There is also the hot pools, a small supermarket and operators that provide glacier and heli hiking adventures.

It is the kind of town that has a close knit community and working there for a few months is likely to lead to that feeling of belonging to the town as well as recognising a few faces every time you venture out.

There has been a noticeable increase in job listings in this area over the past week. Check out Backpacker Board.

It is a unique and beautiful part of New Zealand. Isolated with rugged and wild scenery. You can learn more here.