Work For Accommodation

To work for accommodation is a popular way to see the country and save money on expensesAs a backpacker in New Zealand, you may come across a lot of opportunities to ‘work for accommodation’ or ‘work exchange’. Generally you will work 2-6 hours a day and in exchange for your labour you will get your accommodation and sometimes meals provided.

Working for accommodation can be a fantastic way to save money, meet other people and experience a town, city or community in New Zealand.

 What to consider

  • You may also be able to find paid work in the town or city you are near to. So cleaning a hostel in the morning for a couple of hours and then working in a local bar in the evenings.
  • Make sure you get clear before you begin how long you could stay for, what your accommodation will be (own room, shared), duties to undertake each day and hours of the day you will work.

 Resources for finding work:

  • BBH – This site is primarily offering work in a BBH backpacker hostel. This means you are likely to be cleaning or on reception.
  • Backpacker Board – This site has a wide variety of work for accommodation opportunities. Usually they include work with horses, children, gardening, handyman, cleaning and farm work.
  • WWOOFing, FHINZ & Help Exchange – Check out our information here

Pay Scale

$0 – you are working in exchange for accommodation and sometimes meals, both of which have a value. You are not paid money though although some opportunities might also have paid work available.

In Summary:

To work for accommodation is a great way to experience a town or city and save money on your accommodation costs. Keep an eye out for those listings near surf spots or those that include a nightly dessert of chocolate pudding.