Vintage Work in 2014

Vintage or harvest is the time of year that grapes are picked and brought in to the winery to be processed in to wine. In New Zealand this period generally begins in mid March and runs for 5 – 8 weeks. Because of the extra work load, most wineries will employ seasonal staff (generally called cellar hands).

It is a busy and exciting time of the year. You might find yourself working long hours, operating machinery worth a lot of money and getting your hands dirty (usually stained red).

Some wineries will require prior cellar hand experience but many wineries will take on inexperienced staff and train them up. You just need to have a hard work ethic and willingness to learn.

Many wineries will be in the process of arranging their staff for next year. If it is something you would like to do in New Zealand then now is the time to approach wineries and ask about vintage work opportunities in 2014.

Check out and Wine Jobs Online as well as directly approaching wineries. Most are listed here.

If you would prefer to work in amongst the vines rather than winery,  there will be vineyards that require workers to remove nets and hand pick grapes. Try viewing job listings on Backpackerboard closer to the time for work opportunities, or you could try contacting vineyard owners and wineries (who will own vineyards) in advance to secure a job.