By tourism industry we mean operators that are offering an experience that is targeted towards tourists in that area. So it could be sea kayaking, whale watching, rafting, skydiving, bungy jumping, winery tours and guided hikes. With summer being the busiest time of year for most operators, they are likely to be taking on board extra staff to cope with the influx of tourists.
Some jobs you will need to be skilled or experienced or possibly qualified (like driving a jetboat or guiding rafts down grade 5 rapids), but there are less skilled jobs such as a ticket seller or a sea kayak cleaner.

 What to consider

  • The bulk of tourism jobs will be advertised around October or November in preparation for the busy summer season.
  • Pay rates are usually low but factor in some of the perks that might come with your role (like free white water rafting or use of sea kayaks).

 Resources for finding work:

  • Backpacker Board has jobs listed such as working on boats in the Bay of Islands, Milford Sounds and Stewart Island.
  • Trade Me has listings under th Hospitality and Tourism category.
  • Seek has listings under th Hospitality and Tourism category.
  • Regional Tourism Websites will have a list of activity operators in that region. So you could contact companies directly about any employment opportunities.
  • Company websites/Contacting the employer directly. Think about an activity or operator you would like to work for. This means googling things like “sea kayaking companies in the Abel Tasman” or “skydiving in New Zealand” or ‘sailing boats in Auckland”. See what comes up and contact companies directly and ask to speak to the person in charge of hiring staff.

Pay Scale

$15.25 – $18/hr

In Summary:

Working on reception for a heli-skiing company, spare seat on the flight on your day off…don’t mind if I do fly over the Southern Alps tomorrow thanks.