Tips For Meeting Others

Staying in backpacker hostels means that you will be meeting other people every day, whether in your dorm room, cooking your meal in the communal kitchen, hanging out in the tv room or heading out to a local bar together.

If you go flatting chances are you are living with 2 or 3 other people and they are likely to be locals to that town or city. Assuming that you get on, you will immediately be putting yourself in a situation where you are potentially making friends and meeting friends of those friends.

If you go WWOOFing you could choose farms that have a number of other WWOOFers working there. A perfect way to meet other people.
Continue your interests from your home in New Zealand (or try out new activities). There are clubs and groups that meet up in even our smallest towns and cities. Yoga, running, golf, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, books, film societies. Google will be a great help to find these. Check out if you need some inspiration.
Jump on a bus tour. Some tours you will stick with the same group of people the whole time (check out Adventure Tours New Zealand and Flying Kiwi ) while others like Stray Travel, Kiwi Experience and Magic Bus offer hop on hop off travel that can still be extremely social.

In Summary:

If you are scared to talk to people, chances are they are just as scared to talk to you. Talk a breath and say hello, you never know where things will go from there.