Temp Admin & Office Work in New Zealand

Every week on the popular job site Trade Me Jobs and Seek, there are new listings for temporary administrators, receptionists, EA’s & PA’s (executive assistants & personal assistants) and data entry work.

These are generally advertised by recruitment agencies. So you would need to contact them, send them a CV and go in to the agency and have an interview and be tested for skills such as typing, spreadsheet and database skills, English language….depending on the type of job you are applying for.

The upside to temping is that the hourly rate can be quite high (around the $18 – 20/hr mark), the downside being that you may have no income in between temp jobs.

We have outlined some popular agencies here, but there are plenty more to discover and finda and yellow pages are two great places to look at for a list of plenty more agencies to contact.