Short Term Work in New Zealand – What Are My Options?

Are you looking for work for a week or two? Maybe you have 6 weeks left in New Zealand and want to find some paid work. clock

Assuming you are not too fussy about what you do it will really depend on the time of year and your skill set to determine what kind of work you can get. It will also depend on how flexible you are to work in certain parts of New Zealand.

Here are some ideas:

- Fruit picking/pruning/packing: Generally employers may ask for you to commit to a certain number of weeks (it could be 3 or more) so you can not always expect to get work for a few days…in fact that is quite unrealistic. We find the best website to find those shorter term positions, things like melon picking for two weeks or vege harvesting for a week or vineyard pruning for 6 weeks.

- Temp Office Work: If you have administrative skills there is generally a constant supply of temp roles in Auckland and Wellington. You may just be answering the phone, or performing data entry or basic clerical duties. Keep in mind that to register with an agency will take a bit of time and rarely can you turn up and expect work the next day. Check out our online guide for resources.

- Labouring: This year there has been a noticeable demand for labourers to work on short and long term assignments. You may need to have certain footwear/clothing and your work could be weather dependent. But possibly if you are in the right place at the right time you could pick up even a few days of work if you needed some last minute cash before leaving the country. Check out our online guide for resources.

- Working for accommodation: These opportunities will often also provide you with the ability to earn cash for working additional hours or performing other duties. So you may find yourself in a position where for 2 or 3 weeks you have no accommodation or food costs plus you are earning a certain amount each week. Check out our online guide for resources.

We believe that Backpacker Board is the best website to browse to find short term work opportunities but of course roles will come up on Seek, Trade Me, Seasonal Jobs and websites like Can Staff.

Happy Job Hunting