Sales & Promotions

Sales & promotional work will generally involve face to face or over the phone sales. Confidence is key here as it is likely you will be selling to a variety of people, some of whom will not want to buy what you are offering. Some people may be polite about this and others will be downright rude. A challenging aspect to working in sales and promo work is that you may be paid by commission which means no sales no income for you.

 What to consider

  • A certain level of English may be required for many roles and you may be asked to sit a test
  • You may need to sit tests to show you typing speed and skills with certain computer programmes like Microsoft Work and Excel.
  • You are likely to need to have a high level of personal presentation so hair tidy, nails clean and ironed clean clothes are recommended.
  • When temping you may have periods of no work between jobs so put money aside to get through these periods.
  • If the place you are working at is used to temps coming and going, you might find that staff are not that keen to get to know you. Do not take it personally…look outside of work to make new friends and meet people.

 Resources for finding work:

Backpacker Board has opportunities advertised each week, usually in Auckland but sometimes in Wellington and other large cities.
Seek – search under the Call Centre & Customer Service category as well as the Sales Category.
Trade Me – search under the Customer Service category as well as the Sales category.

Pay Scale

$15.25 – $25/hr (often you are paid by commission so some weeks could be $0)

In Summary:

You need to be thick skinned, a confident communicator and willing to put yourself out there, wherever that may be.