Retail work involves customer service and sales within stores. You may be selling shoes, clothes, magazines, books, CD’s, electronics….the list is endless. Many stores will be looking for casual staff over the busy sales’ period which will be the lead up to Christmas, as well as the summer holidays in the more touristy towns. You will need to be confident in interacting with others in a polite, relaxed and knowledgeable manner. This means you might need to be doing homework on what you are selling so you know your stuff.

 What to consider

    •  A certain level of English may be required for many roles and you may be asked to sit a test.
    • You may need to demonstrate your typing speed and accuracy and knowledge of certain computer programmes like Microsoft Work and Excel.
    • You are likely to require a high level of personal presentation so hair tidy, nails clean and clean, ironed clothes are recommended.
    • When temping you may have periods of no work between jobs so put money aside to get through these periods.
    • If the place you are working at is used to temps coming and going, you might find that staff are not that keen to get to know you. Do not take it personally.

 Resources for finding work:

      • Trade Me – when searching for work you can choose contract/temp work in the search fields
      • Seek has a classification called Retail and Consumer Products.
      • Temp agencies such as Retail World Resourcing. There are a huge number of agencies in New Zealand and you will find most of them easily via Google or Yellow Pages

Pay Scale

$15.25 – $17/hr

In Summary:

If you like people and are comfortable with answering questions and selling products then retail work could be a great option for you.