Renting a Car or Campervan

This is a great option for testing the waters if you are considering buying a car. You might find driving here is not for you and you would rather sit back, turn off the brain and look out a bus window.

There are a large number of rental companies and there are two distinct seasons…the busy and higher cost summer season, and the quiet and discounted rates winter season. If you think you could handle sleeping in a campervan in the middle of winter you will find it very economical.

Car rental can also be great for weekend getaways. Say you were living in Wellington for 6 months but wanted to get out of the city and go exploring then you could pick up a car after work on Friday and return it Sunday afternoon.

 What to consider

  • If you are a group of friends on your working holiday together it could be very cost effective to rent a car as opposed to buying one. This would be especially so in winter when the rates are reduced. You might find yourself driving a nicer car and any mechanical issues are the rental car companies.
  • When you ask for a quote you will usually get your per day rental rate and then insurance will be additional. It can be a bit deceptive as sometimes the daily cost of insurance can be a similar to the car rental rate. The more insurance you pay the less your excess will be if you need to make a claim. So if your excess was $1000, this means that if you need to make a claim of say $4,500 , you pay the first $1,000 and the insurance company would pay the remaining $3,500.
  • Hiring a campervan can be a fun way to explore the country. Think about where you will park your campervan for your overnight stays. Some regions in New Zealand have bylaws, which are rules specific to that area, and sometimes you are not allowed to park up and stay overnight in certain places in that region. is a great resource to use.
  • Transfer Cars is a website that you can go to and find rental cars that need relocating usually at only the cost of fuel and insurance. This can be a great way to do some low cost driving.
There are many different rental companies. Chilli RentalsExplore More, Spaceships, Wicked Campers, Rent a dent, Jucy, Ace Car Rentals are just a few.

In Summary:

Do the numbers…you might be pleasantly surprised.