Popular Job Websites

Best websites if you seek jobs in New Zealand

There are hundreds of websites that you could look at for job ideas and listings. We have listed some of the most popular ones for working holiday makers.

  • Seek is the go to website for more professional, long term positions in New Zealand. If you click on advanced search you can select ‘casual/temp’ positions, some of which will suit backpackers.
  • Backpacker Board is a fantastic resource. It specialises in a wide range of information, from transport options to accommodation. It has New Zealand’s best job noticeboard for travellers. Every day there are new listings with jobs as diverse as fruit picking, dairy farm work, nanny/au pair positions, hospitality and plenty of work for accommodation.
  • Seasonal Jobs has a large number of jobs listed all over New Zealand. You can sign up for email alerts and if like their Facebook page you will get quick notifications of new job listings.
  • BBH is a network of backpackers and their website has a noticeboard section where hostels advertise for backpackers to come and work in exchange for accommodation. There is also a small noticeboard that advertises other work vacancies
  • Trade Me is another main source of job listings in New Zealand. It has a wide range of categories that you can search from and is especially good for administrative, childcare, hospitality and retail jobs.
  • Seasonal Work is a website that specialises in harvest, hospitality and seasonal work. There are not a great number of positions and the date listed is not shown but if you check regularly you will find some great positions advertised.
  • Pick NZ is a super helpful website when it comes to learning about the hot regions for fruit growing and the monthly demand for workers. They have regional co-ordinators in the most popular regions and you can contact them via Freephone number for advice and information about jobs in those regions.
  • Word of mouth: talk to other travellers when you arrive. Ask if they have been working in New Zealand. What kind of work did they do? Would they recommend it? Ask them how they went about finding a job. Every traveller and local New Zealander could be a source of advice, knowledge and inspiration.

In Summary:

There are tons of websites. Google is your friend as are other people.