An Interview With FRENZ…….

FRENZInterview is a well established New Zealand owned and operated recruitment company, specialising in dairy farming. They have been around since 1995 and are based in Auckland. Their team recently took the time to answer some questions we think you would like to know about dairy farm work in New Zealand.

 Inteview Q and AThe Interview

What kind of work do you offer? Is it just dairy farm placements?
We offer dairy farm work. Most positions offer a 3 month minimum work period and others may require longer. Depending on the applicants requirements, we will try our best to work around them.

What is the pay and hours of work likely to be?
Starting rate is the minimum hourly rate of $13.75 or an annual salary of $36,000. Shared, basic furnished accommodation is provided for rent free (but taxable). The applicant is responsible to pay for their own food, electricity and internet costs. Wages are paid fortnightly directly into the applicant’s bank account.

What is an average work day likely to be (on a dairy farm)?
On average you could expect 50 hours of work per week. During the peak season (August – November) such as calving and mating – the applicant could expect to work between 10-12 hour days. During the off season (June – July) – the applicant could expect to work between 6-8 hour days. The roster on each farm is different for example one farm can be on a 11 days on 3 days off roster and another farm could be on a 7 days on 2 days off roster. The applicant needs to understand that there will be early hours involved with dairy farming for example 4 AM starts and finishing work around 5 PM. During the calving and mating season some farms require workers to start at 3.30 AM on alternative days.

Who would you recommend this type of work is suited to? or not suited to?
Dairy farm work would suit agriculture students seeking work experience, people who have grown up on farms (dairy or cattle) but also people who have a passion to work with animals and have a good attitude, willingness to learn, work as a team, not afraid to get your hands dirty and be prepared to work hard.

I have never worked on a farm, am I likely to be able to find work with you?
All our clients require applicants to either have milking or stock handling skills. Some specific positions such as calf rearers will require calf rearing skills and tractor roles would require a drivers license and machinery operation skills.

Where are the placements most likely to be in New Zealand? Is your farm work all over the country?
We have positions vacant nationwide. Most of our vacancies are located in the South Island.

Can you tell us the process of recruitment? Do I get interviewed by the farm owner/employee? Do I have a trial period on the farm first?
The applicant can head to our website to complete our online application form and include their CV. Once we receive it, we will contact them via email to arrange for a phone (if they are in NZ) or a skype (if they are overseas) for an interview. If they meet our requirements, we will proceed with putting them forward to our available vacancies. If a job offer is being made by our clients, we will be the person to pass it onto the applicant and assist them with their travel to the farm. The applicant’s relationship with FRENZ will not end once they arrive to the farm. We will always be in the background as a support person if required and most importantly we are only a phone call away.

Is there any specific gear I need to buy?
Most farmers lend a set of wet weather gear which includes gumboots, wet weather pants, jacket or overalls. If the applicant requires to purchase their own wet weather gear, we will advise them in advance. Everything is purchasable in NZ. It is wise to bring warm clothing to NZ even during the warmer months. We suggest woollen or merino thermals, socks and warm hats.

Do I need to have my own vehicle?
It is highly recommended as the farms are all located in rural regions of NZ and during the peak seasons, it is a must have from all our clients.

Would you provide contacts of other FRENZ workers in the region so I could try and meet up with others?
Yes! Definitely, if you want to get in touch with other travelling workers, we have a lot of contacts. Most of our farms may have another traveller that we have placed there as well.

In your opinion what is the best thing about farm work in New Zealand?
You get to experience a whole different side of New Zealand as a traveller, you get to meet new people and see why New Zealand is the best country for dairy farming.

The end….thanks so much to Frenz for providing such great insights and info. For more contact them via their website or Facebook Page.