Getting a Tax Number

To work legally in New Zealand you require an IRD number. IRD stands for Inland Revenue Department which is the tax department of New Zealand. To apply for an IRD number you need to fill out an IR595 form (individual) and then provide the relevant documentation to an IRD appointed verifier such as NZ Post or the Automobile Association.

The relevant documentation includes your passport, work visa and overseas driver’s licence (see category 1 and category b document summary on your application form).

Once you have applied for your tax number it will generally take 8-10 working days for your number to be issued. You can get your number by phoning the IRD on 0800 227 774 (from landline, not mobile phones) and they will tell you the number over the phone (be prepared to be on hold for some time).

Most employers will hire you without an IRD number (assuming it has been applied for). If you receive your first pay without an IRD number you will be taxed at a higher rate and can always apply to get this money back at your end of year tax return. However to make things super simple you could request that you are not paid until your number has been processed.

In Summary:

Simply pop in to a Post Shop and they can help you out.