Getting a Mobile Phone & Sim Card

Need a sim card or mobile phone in New Zealand, we run through the options including Vodafone, Telecom, Skinny and 2degrees, Generally it is worthwhile bringing over your mobile phone and simply popping in a New Zealand SIM card. A common problem is that your phone could be locked to only operate on the network in your home country. Before you get to New Zealand get your phone unlocked, or when you arrive you will need to take your phone to a phone unlocking provider (which could set you back up to $100 depending on your type of phone).

If you do need to buy a phone (and SIM) check out deals at The Warehouse, Dick Smith Electronics, Bond and Bond and JB HiFi

You will simply need to purchase a SIM card and pop it in to your phone. You will use a prepay system which means you are simply buying credit as you need it, and not tying yourself in to a 12 or 24 month contract. However if you are sure you are staying for 12 months then it could be worth looking at 12 month contract options.

Sim Card providers include:

 What to consider when choosing a provider

      • Will you want to be texting and phoning friends and family overseas? (Vodafone could be your best option if this is the case)
      • Are you mainly using your phone to make calls within New Zealand? (2 Degrees or Skinny mobile have very low cost packages)
      • Are you using your phone for data as well? If yes how much data are you likely to require

In Summary:

Do your research at the beginning and it could save you lots of money during your time here.