Finding Accommodation

If you want to learn about flatting in New Zealand we give you the run down about finding accommodation in towns and cities. Wanting to find accommodation in New Zealand? Some jobs will provide you with accommodation (such as an au pair or dairy farm work or a remote lodge). Other times you may choose to stay in a backpackers hostel long term, the advantage of this being that you have flexibility to come and go from that town or city. If you plan to stay for a reasonable length of time in one town or city, then you may want to rent your own apartment or house or find a bedroom to pay rent for in a shared living situation. In New Zealand we refer to this as flatting.

Trade Me is the best website to view to check out the cost of flatting around the country. Click on the Flatmates wanted category and then select the place that you are thinking of living in and you will get an idea of what the cost of a room will be.

If you are looking to rent your own place (take a lease out on a property) click on the Real Estate category on Trade Me and then click on To Rent. You could then search say a one bedroom apartment in Wellington and get an idea of prices. Keep in mind for both flatting and leasing your own place to live, you may not be selected as a suitable candidate if you are only staying in that place for a short term. For some landlords (home owners) or flatmates (the people you share a house with) they will be fine if you are there for 12 weeks, others may want you to commit to 6 or 12 months…so be prepared that it may not always be straight forward. If that is the case then staying in a backpackers long term may be a better option. You will usually pay more and have less privacy (due to sharing a room), but it can be a simple and stress free solution.

 What to consider when looking for a flat

  • When you do go flatting with others sometimes you will all buy food and cook together (usually taking turns on certain nights of the week), while at other flats you will buy and cook your own food.
  • The cost of power, water (in some towns), internet, landline phone and sometimes Sky TV (cable TV) will be split equally amongst the people who live in the house. You can ask when enquiring about living somewhere how much this is likely to be.
  • You are likely to be asked to pay rent in advance and part of a bond (this could be one to four weeks worth of rent).

 Resources for finding accommodation

  • Trade Me – the go to place for most people who are advertising for a flatmate or house to lease
  • Flat Finder – Another popular website
  • Gumtree
  • Community noticeboards – especially in small towns, you might find someone advertising a room to rent

In Summary:

Trade Me is a great place to go for researching cost of accommodation all over the country.