Employment disputes

Employment disputes and employment relations in New Zealand Where do I go if I think I have been underpaid, not paid at all, or poorly treated by an employer?

In New Zealand the Department of Labour has an Employment Relations section. They are your first port of call with any questions or employment disputes you may have concerning your job.

They have a section of their website dedicated to solving problems.

You also will find a Freephone number where you can speak to someone for advice and information.

One of the best ways to avoid conflict in the first place is to ensure that you have an employment contract, which is something your employer is legally obligated to provide you with before you start work.

Often issues can arise when one party has certain expectations that the other party does not meet. So ask questions either in your interview, or once you have been offered a job to ensure you both have a clear idea of each other’s expectations.

In Summary:

Here is a step by step guide to help you if you are having problems at work.