Courses & Training

If there is a certain job you would like to apply for, then by having certain skills, training or qualifications could be important in getting the job. Sometimes it will help to give you an edge over other candidates. On a working holiday visa you can generally study for up to 3 months on your visa, but most of the courses below are a lot shorter than that.  Think of training as an investment that will get you a return. For example if you are working as a barista, this may mean you earn a few more dollars an hour in a cafe. Below is information about popular courses and training.

 First Aid Certificate

Having an up to date first ad certificate can give you an advantage over other applicants for certain jobs. In some jobs (such as childcare) it could be a requirement. First aid courses are offered all over New Zealand. The two main providers are St John and Red Cross. Courses offered include 1, 1 ½ and 2 day options. The cost of the course varies depending on which one you do.

New Zealand driver’s licence

In New Zealand you can generally drive on your licence from your home country for up to one year, after which you will need to get a New Zealand licence. It is helpful to carry an International Drivers Licence which you apply for and are issued in your home country before you arrive in New Zealand.

If you do need to get a New Zealand driver’s licence then check out the New Zealand Transport Agency Website for all the info you need. If you have any questions you can call them Freephone on 0800 822 422.

Forklift license in New Zealand

Generally you would use a forklift in any complex that deals with the transportation of goods. For example a winery, factory, building site, orchard, shipping agent or supermarket.

You do need to have an F endorsement to be able to operate a forklift and at times that company that you are working for will arrange to send you on a course. However, you will enhance your prospects of employment by already having one. The NZTA has a list of approved course providers.

P Endorsement to Drive Passengers

If you are working (or would like to work) for a company when you are driving passengers for hire and reward (such as a shuttle, taxi or van) you require a P endorsement. To get a P endorsement there are a number of steps that need to be taken including completing an approved P endorsement course. You need to have had the equivalent of a full driver’s licence for two years or more to apply. In most cases you can apply for your P endorsement with your overseas driver’s licence (as opposed to getting a New Zealand driver’s licence). All info is on the NZTA website.

Bar managers certificate

A legal requirement to serve alcohol in any establishment in New Zealand is that one employee who is on site needs to have a bar manager’s certificate. You might notice hospitality positions advertised that state ‘a bar manager’s certificate an advantage’.

To get a manager’s certificate means following a number of steps including taking a training course, applying for a LCQ (Licence Controllers Qualification) and undertaking a test and interview. You need to already have been working in the industry for 6 months.

In most cases you would start working in a bar (or other place that serves alcohol) and then the place you work for would send your on a course and take you through the process in order for you to become a manager in their premises.Check out Bar Train for a list of courses around New Zealand.  Course information is generally also found on local government council websites. Check out links for Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Queenstown.


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Ski/Snowboard Instructing

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Scuba Diving

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