Conservation Volunteer

Volunteer NZ opportunities are available all over the country. Get in to the great outdoors and make a difference while you are travelling. If you are interested in doing volunteer NZ work within the conservation sector there are a variety of opportunities for both organised and more casual work. For some work you may need to pay a weekly fee to cover the cost of your transport, meals and accommodation. Other times it could be provided for you.

 What to consider

  • You may be working in some remote parts of the country with limited mobile and internet access.
  • Work could be physically demanding.
  • You may need to invest in clothing such as protective boots or certain tools.
  • You could be working with volunteers of all ages from all over the world and possibly New Zealand.

 Resources for finding work:

  • Department of Conservation is the government agency responsible for the country’s eco-systems and National Parks. They have a list of volunteer roles all over the country.
  • Backpacker Board sometimes have listings for people to work for accomodation to work on a conservation project.
  • Blue Duck Station take on eco-warriors for a variety of projects and tasks. This is in a stunning remote location next to the Whanganui River.
  • New Zealand Trust for Conservations Volunteers offer a range of projects that you can be involved in around the country.
  • Motutapu is an island in the Hauraki Gulf near to Auckland. Planting, weed busting and nursery work are the key areas volunteers are needed for. Volunteer days are usually held on alternate Sundays.
  • Conservation Volunteers recruit volunteers from around the world and New Zealand to work on projects.

Pay Scale


In Summary:

Volunteer work can be extremely rewarding and getting into the great outdoors in New Zealand is a highly recommended thing to do while you are here..