Completing a Tax Return

NZ tax refunds are relatively straight forward with the right informationAre you eligible for any NZ tax refunds? The New Zealand tax years begins on the 1st April and ends on the 31st March each year. As you generally pay tax as you work in New Zealand (PAYE or Pay As You Earn) you may not get any tax back when you leave the country> In our experience it is worth applying for a refund as many people do get money back and it could be in the hundreds of dollars.

A very simple way of applying for a tax return is with one of the companies listed below (see Resources).

If you would like to do it yourself be prepared for it to be very confusing and the forms can be full of quite confusing questions. This is where you are best to use the services of the IRD via their free phone number (or possibly book an appointment to see someone at an IRD office). Be prepared to be patient and that you may not always get the most helpful customer service.

Resources for completing a tax return

What Refund has also created a handy price comparison table to see what each company charges.

If you are leaving before the end of the tax year you can file a tax return earlier. Check out this information on the IRD website

In Summary:

Use a service, it is cheap and pain free and the fee will be worth the time and brain strain.