Buying a Car

Buying a car in New Zealand guide including where to buy a carBuying a car in New Zealand is really giving yourself the ultimate freedom when it comes to your travel. With your own wheels you can go wherever you like whenever you like. A huge benefit of buying a car is that you will see so many of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand that are off the beaten track and down those side roads,  that no bus  or train will be taking you to.

 What to consider

  • Do you like driving and are you a confident and experienced driver? New Zealand roads are quite different from the big interstate roads and highways that you may be used to driving on. If you are not too sure we recommend renting a car for a day or two and having a drive around to see if you feel ok on the roads here.
  • If driving on the other side of the road from what you are used to is rather daunting, most drivers find it scary for the first day or two, mildly uncomfortable for the next few, and then about a week in to it they can find it hard to remember the other way around. Be warned that it is usually when you are tired and not focused that you may sub consciously revert  to driving on the right (or we would call it wrong) side of the road…so always be careful).
  • You can advertise ride shares in backpacker noticeboards and on websites like Backpacker Board. This means you will save money on gas and it is a great way to meet other people.
  • Assuming the engine doesn’t blow up, remember that you can always sell your car when you leave the country and recoup some of your initial investment.
Car Insurance

For low cost car insurance check out Travellers Car Insurance. They have a helpful guide to both buying and selling a car and also have low prices on the all important third party car insurance. You can get your car insurance online so you have instant coverage as soon as you buy your vehicle.

Driving Tests

If you are new to driving in New Zealand, check out Driving Tests New Zealand. They have an easy to follow online quiz to get you up to speed on the road rules in New Zealand you may not be familiar with.

Roadside Assistance

The thought of breaking down, getting your keys locked in the car, or getting a flat tyre on any road in New Zealand is not very appealing. By investing in a Roadside Assistance Membership you can relax knowing that help is only a phone call away. Check out for 6 and 12 month membership options.

In Summary:

Freedom and flexibility with the potential headaches of car breakdowns. Price it up thoroughly including fuel costs and factor in maintenance and repair costs just in case, so you will not be in for nasty surprises.