Booking In For A Great Walk in New Zealand

This is a bit off the topic of employment in New Zealand, but summer is coming and you may have heard of something called The Great Walks of New Zealand.

There are currently 9 Great Walks in New Zealand and they are recognised as the premier walking tracks throughout the country. They are not necessarily ‘the best’ walks as you will find local opinion around New Zealand that will inform you there exists a more obscure walking track that is superior to a Great Walk. We recommend you read up about them and if they appeal that you book your spot early before the huts fill up.

The walks are

We also recommend checking out the wonderful Humpridge Track in Southland.

They all offer something different, from coastal walks, to volcanic plateau, to waterfalls and lush native forest.

The Department of Conservation Website is a fantastic resource for information on all of these walks. If you are interested in a guided walk then many companies offer this option.

Happy hiking this summer.