Admin & Office Recruitment Agencies

recruitment agencies help provide temp office and admin employment opportunities in New Zealand.There are a large number of recruitment agencies that specialise in short term, temporary office and administration positions. A wide variety of positions are available from answering telephone calls to being an executive personal assistant or a legal secretary.

Auckland and Wellington are the two cities that offer the highest number of temping opportunities in New Zealand and have the highest number of recruitment agencies.

 What to consider

  • A certain level of English may be required for many roles and you may be asked to sit a test
  • Recruitment agencies may require you to sit tests to show your typing speed and skills with certain computer programmes like Microsoft Work and Excel.
  • You are likely to need to have a high level of personal presentation so hair tidy, nails clean and ironed clean clothes are recommended.
  • When temping you may have periods of no work between jobs so put money aside to get through these periods.
  • If the place you are working at is used to temps coming and going, you might find that staff are not that keen to get to know you. Do not take it personally…look outside of work to make new friends and meet people.

 Resources for finding work:

  • Seek – click on more options when searching and select contract/temp.
  • Trade Me – when searching for work you can choose contract/temp work in the search fields

Recruitment agencies are a fantastic way to be placed into jobs. There are a huge number of agencies in New Zealand, popular ones include:

Pay Scale

$15.25 – $30/hr depending on the role and your level of experience and expertise.

In Summary:

Winter in Wellington…nice warm office job with a great cafe minutes walk away. A great option for keeping warm.